A CHANGE OF PLANS by Nora Roberts

A CHANGE OF PLANS by Nora Roberts

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    A CHANGE OF PLANS by Nora Roberts
    May 27, 2014 massmarket 2 in 1 Silhouette reissue

    Second Nature 1986
    Celebrity magazine reporter Lee Radcliffe is at the top of her game when she scores an exclusive interview with bestselling horror writer Hunter Brown. But the notoriously private author has one condition: the interview must be conducted over the course of a camping trip. Lee will do anything to get the story, but after some one-on-one time with her ruggedly handsome interviewee, she finds the only thing she wants an exclusive on...is his heart.
    Summer Desserts 1985
    When Summer Lydon, dessert chef extraordinaire, is approached to revamp the kitchen at Blake Cocharan's Philadelphia hotel, she's hesitant at first, but the project and Blake himself are too tempting to deny. Accustomed to traveling the world, love-resistant Summer gets her first real taste of staying in one place--and all the pleasures to be savored when love is on the menu.

    480 pages ISBN: 9780373281800