A MOTHER'S LOVE by Nora Roberts

A MOTHER'S LOVE by Nora Roberts

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    A MOTHER'S LOVE by Nora Roberts
    March 27, 2018 massmarket paperback 2 in 1 Silhouette reissue

    Dual Image 1985
    Playing Booth DeWitt's cruel ex-wife in his semi-autobiographical film is the chance of a lifetime for actress Ariel Kirkwood. As she gets to know the sexy screenwriter, she finds herself wishing she was his real leading lady, but her accurate portrayal has left Booth conflicted over his failed marriage and new desires. Now Ariel must convince Booth to see her for the woman she is and not the one she was hired to play.

    Ex-model Zoe Fleming is now a hardworking single mom and she wouldn't have it any other way. Though she would like a tenant to share household expenses. What she gets is confirmed bachelor J. Cooper McKinnon. Coop quickly befriends her son and in no time has the reluctant Zoe charmed, too. But she has zero room in her life for a man! Either this was a recipe for disaster or the best mistake she's ever made.

    544 pages ISBN: 9781335005694