A ROYAL AFFAIR by Nora Roberts

A ROYAL AFFAIR by Nora Roberts

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    A ROYAL AFFAIR by Nora Roberts
    October 25,2016 Massmarket reissue includes Affair Royale (1986) & Command Performance (1987).


    Princess Gabriella has escaped captivity, but she's lost her memory and her kidnappers are still at large. She needs a bodyguard, and brash American Reeve MacGee is the perfect man for the job. The handsome ex-cop can handle anything except falling for the stunning, vulnerable woman in his care.


    Years ago, Eve Hamilton had a fleeting schoolgirl crush on the powerful, reserved and compelling Prince Alexanderbut he'd clearly disapproved of her. Now that she is finally reunited with Alex, he is fascinated by the beautiful, independent woman Eve has become. Suddenly, he wants to show her that he is everything she could ever want.

    480 pages

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