AN EARLY WAKE by Sheila Connolly

AN EARLY WAKE by Sheila Connolly

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    AN EARLY WAKE by Sheila Connolly
    February 3,2015 massmarket paperback

    Pub owner Maura Donovan may have Irish kin, but she doesnt seem to have the luck of the Irish. Who could have foreseen that bringing live music back to Sullivans Pub would lead to a dead musician?
    Summer is ending in County Cork, Ireland, and with it the tourist season. Expat Maura Donovan is determined to keep Sullivans Pub in the black as the days grow shorterbut how? When she hears that the place was once a hot spot for Irish musicians whod come play in the back room, she wonders if bringing back live music might be Sullivans salvation.
    As word gets out, legendary musicians begin to appear at the pub, and the first impromptu jam session brings in scores of music lovers. But things hit a sour note when Maura finds a dead musician in the back room the next morning. With a slew of potential suspects, its going to take more than a pint and a good think to force a murderer to face the music.

    304 pages ISBN-13: 9780425252536