BOOK OF WITCHERY  by Ellen Dugan

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    BOOK OF WITCHERY by Ellen Dugan
    Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
    10/2009 Paperback 8 x 8 IN
    Witchery isn't limited to the sabbats and to the occasional full moon; magick happens every day. In this treasury of enchantments, spells and witchery, popular author Ellen Dugan presents her personal grimoire of magick essentials to keep you happily conjuring seven days a week! Formerly available as 7 Days of Magic, new and advanced material has more than doubled the witchy wisdom within these pages, yet it still fits into a busy Witch's schedule. As you learn daily magickal correspondences and themes, you'll build a solid foundation of knowledge and open up amazing possibilities for highly effective spellwork and witchery each and every day.
    360 pages ISBN:9780738715841