CHASING HOPE by Nora Roberts

CHASING HOPE by Nora Roberts

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    CHASING HOPE by Nora Roberts
    December 29, 2015 massmarket paperback Silhouette reissue 2 in 1

    The first two books in the highly celebrated Stanislaski series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts

    Taming Natasha 1990

    The first time single father Spence Kimball sets eyes on Natasha Stanislaski, he's floored by her exotic beauty. But the former ballet dancer turned toy shop owner has a fiery temperament that keeps most men safely at bay. Sensing a hidden wound, Spence and his little girl join forces to find a way into Natasha's closely guarded heart. He'll do whatever it takes to tame Natasha's fearsand show her how to love. Luring a Lady 1991

    Nothing in Sydney Hayward's background of wealth and privilege has prepared her to take the helm of her family's corporation, and her new responsibilities leave no room for complications. Mikhail Stanislaski is definitely a complication. Earthy and masculine, Mikhail comes from a world utterly different from her own. But the way she feels when he puts his strong, work-hardened hands on her is wreaking havoc with Sydney's resolve!

    480 pages ISBN-13: 9780373282098

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