CHASING PILLS by Lyn Widmyer

CHASING PILLS by Lyn Widmyer

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    CHASING PILLS by Lyn Widmyer
    September 21, 2017 trade paperback | I Must Be Old, I Have a Pill Dispenser

    In her book, Chasing Pills, Lyn Widmyer shares humorous, informative advice about how to navigate the tricky shoals of old age. Topics include unwanted body noises, fear of dementia, living with a hard of hearing spouse, computer mysteries (what is the Cloud, anyway?), understanding confusing medical bills, surviving retirement and travel tips for Old People. Dylan Thomas suggests people "do not go gentle into that good night...rage, rage against the dying of the light." Fine advice but Lyn plans to laugh her way into eternity.

    70 pages ISBN:9781976051425