DARK HEARTS by Sharon Sala

DARK HEARTS  by Sharon Sala

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    DARK HEARTS by Sharon Sala
    March 29,2016 Mass market paperback | Secrets and Lies 3

    Betsy Jakes was having nightmares, nightmares that could solve a decades-old mystery. And for someone in her small town, that meant she had to die.

    When Sam Jakes returns home to help his brother solve their mother's murder, two things shake him to the core. This crime is clearly the work of a serial killer who has struck twice before. AndLainey Pickett is still in town. The woman he walked away from without an explanation years ago has just walked back into his life. She still holds a grudgeand his heart.

    As Sam digs deeper into the murders and thirty year old secrets begin to emerge, he finds himself racing against time not only to catch a killer but to keep Lainey, the only woman he'll ever love, from falling victim, too

    336 pages ISBN: 9780778318774