FROM THE HEART trade by Nora Roberts

FROM THE HEART trade by Nora Roberts

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    FROM THE HEART trade by Nora Roberts
    June 1, 2019 trade size | three reissue titles in one book.

    In this stunning collection of three of her favorite stories, Nora illuminates the dreams that lead us toward destiny and the desires that rule over our hearts.

    Tonight and Always 1983
    When a renowned anthropologist agrees to help a writer research his new novel, she isn't prepared for the passion their collaboration sparks...

    A Matter Of Choice  1984
    An international smuggling ring traps a beautiful antiques dealer and a New York City cop in a web of danger and desire... 

    Endings And Beginnings 1984
    Two Washington television reporters try to protect their love from their own professional rivalry and the hazards of their celebrity...

    581 pages ISBN:9780425176160