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    GARDEN WITCHERY by Ellen Dugan
    10th anniversary edition
    March 8, 2013 quality paperback

    How does your magickal garden grow?... With violets, rosemary, and yarrow to attract faeries; an apple tree for love and health; and a circle of stones in some tucked-away corner? Whether you live in a cottage in the woods, a home in the suburbs, or a city apartment with a small balcony, a powerful and enchanted realm awaits you. Discover the secret language and magickal properties of the trees and flowers, herbs and plants found growing around you, and learn how to create your own witch's garden.
    Written with down-to-earth humor by a master gardener who is also a practicing witch, this creative and encouraging guide will inspire gardeners of all ages and experience levels. It includes a journal section that makes it easy to keep track of your progress, practical gardening advice, personal stories, and garden witchery lore and magick. Inside, you'll get the dirt on:
    Flower folklore
    Moon gardening and astrological timing
    Faerie magick
    Beginning to advanced witchcraft
    Floral and herbal spells
    Sabbat celebrations
    Witch crafts (sachets, wreaths, charm bags)
    Creating sacred space
    Shade, moonlight, and sun gardens Enchanted houseplant and container gardens
    Magickal herbal correspondences
    Garden blessings

    304 pages | 0.6 x 7.3 x 7.5 IN | ISBN: 9780738703183