HEARTS UNTAMED by Nora Roberts

HEARTS UNTAMED by Nora Roberts

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    HEARTS UNTAMED by Nora Roberts
    October 28, 2014 Massmarket Silhouette reissue 2 in 1

    Risky Business 1986
    Dive shop owner Liz Palmer has made an idyllic life for herself in Cozumel. But everything changes when her boarder is murdered and his grieving twin brother storms into Liz's life with revenge in his heart. At first, Liz is reluctant to get involved. She has a business to run, a daughter to raise--and handsome Jonas Sharpe is proving to be a major distraction. But Liz soon discovers how impossible it is to resist both the mystery...and the passionate man trying to solve it.

    Boundary Lines 1985
    A feud has been simmering for years between two Montana families, and Jillian Baron and Aaron Murdock seem determined to carry it into another generation. But a threat from a common enemy forces feisty Jillian and irresistible Aaron to finally come a little bit closer. Now their historical mistrust is pitted against an unexpected passion neither is able to deny. They say good fences make good neighbors, but true love can easily tear those fences down.

    496 pages ISBN:9780373281848