HER NAME IS ROSE by Christine Breen

HER NAME IS ROSE by Christine Breen

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    HER NAME IS ROSE by Christine Breen
    Selection for Wednesday December 9,2015

    April 14, 2015 trade size paperback

    In a cottage in the west of Ireland, Iris gardener and mother to an adopted daughter, Rose is doing her best to carry on after the death of her husband two years before. At the back of her mind is a promise she never intended to keep, until the day she gets a phone call from her doctor.

    Meanwhile, nineteen year old Rose is a brilliant violinist at the Royal Academy in London, still grieving for her father but relishing her music and life in the city. Excited but nervous, she hums on the way to an important master class, and then suddenly finds herself missing both of her parents when the class ends in disaster.

    After the doctor's call, Iris is haunted by the promise she made to her husband to find Rose's birth mother, so that their daughter might still have family if anything happened to Iris. Armed only with a twenty-year-old envelope, Iris impulsively begins a journey into the past that takes her to Boston and back, with unexpected results for herself and for Rose and for both friends and strangers.

    304 pages ISBN-13: 9781250054210