IRISH DREAMS by Nora Roberts

IRISH DREAMS by Nora Roberts

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    IRISH DREAMS by Nora Roberts
    August 25,2015 Reissue includes Irish Rebel 2000 & Sullivan's Woman 1984

    Irish Rebel 2000

    From the moment she met him, Keeley Grant knew there was something wild about Brian Donnelly. He dared to ignore everything that said a poor Irish rogue shouldn't touch her, and battered down every wall she threw at him. But a wild thing by nature cannot be contained, not by convention or fences or even by love. Could she give him everything if he was just going to walk away?

    Sullivan's Woman 1984

    Colin Sullivan had a vision the painting of his career, with Cassidy St. John as his model. She would be a challenge to paint, with her passion for life and a beauty that captivated him. But as she stood in front of him every day, Colin began to realize that the real challenge wouldn't be to capture her image but her heart.

    448 pages ISBN: 9780373281923