KEY OF LIGHT by Nora Roberts

KEY OF LIGHT  by Nora Roberts

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    KEY OF LIGHT by Nora Roberts
    August 4,2015 Trade size paperback reissue from 2003 | The 2003Key Trilogy book #1

    Malory Prices life plan has hit a snag. Shes in danger of losing her job managing an art gallery in Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania. A welcome distraction comes in the form of an invitation to a cocktail party at Warriors Peak, an infamous estate overlooking the town. But no one else she knows has been invited

    There are only two other guests: Dana Steele, a librarian, and Zoe McCourt, a single mother. On the surface, it seems the women have nothing in common, until their mysterious hosts tell them a storyand offer them a challenge.

    Legend has it that the souls of three demigoddessesone an artist, one a bard, and one a warriorhave been locked in a box that has three keys. Now its up to Malory and the others to find the keys. Their reward: a million dollars each.

    It all seems too bizarre to be true. But none of them can ignore the financial windfall they stand to gain. And now Malorywith her soul of an artist and eye for beautymust find her key first. She soon discovers that whatever locked the souls away is dark, powerful, and greedyand it doesnt want the women to win.

    368 pages ISBN:9780425278444