KEY OF VALOR by Nora Roberts

KEY OF VALOR  by Nora Roberts

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    KEY OF VALOR by Nora Roberts
    December 8,2015 Trade size paperback reissue from 2003 | The Key Trilogy book #3

    Growing up, Zoe McCourt did not have an easy life some might call it "disadvantaged." A hairstylist from a West Virginia trailer park, she ended up in beautiful Pleasant Valley, Pennsylvania, by sheer determination. How she ended up on a quest for a key to unlock the soul of a warrior demigoddess is another story.

    Invited to an imposing estate overlooking the town, she met Malory Price and Dana Steele. Each woman was at a crossroads in her life, each facing an uncertain future. And a mysterious couple offered them the chance of a lifetime: a million dollars each if they could free the trapped souls of three mythological sisters an artist, a bard, and a warrior.

    Malory and Dana had to reach deep inside themselves to find their keys and not without paying a price. Now, it has become Zoe's quest. As a single mother, she has more to risk, more to lose. But her courage in the face of overwhelming odds cannot be underestimated. A nurturer to her son, a defender of her friends, she must confront dark forces amassed against her to make all of their dreams come true.

    352 pages ISBN-13: 9780425278468