LOVE COMES ALONG by Nora Roberts

LOVE COMES ALONG by Nora Roberts

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    LOVE COMES ALONG by Nora Roberts
    April 29,2014 Silhouette reissued 2 in one.

    Ex-model Zoe Fleming is now a hardworking single mom and she wouldn't have it any other way. Though she would like a tenant to share household expenses. What she gets is confirmed bachelor J. Cooper McKinnon. Coop quickly befriends her son and in no time has the reluctant Zoe charmed, too. But she has zero room in her life for a man! Either this was a recipe for disaster or the best mistake she's ever made.

    LOCAL HERO 1988
    Hester Wallace is proud of her independence. She needs only one man in her life her nine-year-old son, Radley. But when Rad starts idolizing their neighbor Mitch Dempsey, Hester wonders if her son needs a male role model. Hester would do anything for her boy, but inviting Mitch into their lives is dangerous. She might start to rely on Mitch or worse, fall in love

    448 pages ISBN:9780373281794