- We start to pass out tickets by 10 am on the day of the signing for your place in line.
  The actual signing starts at the time advertised.

- Only 1 ticket per person present. You may not get tickets for others.

- We stop giving out tickets at the advertised ending time.
  Authors will stay until all customers with tickets have their books autographed.

- Please do not block the entrances of our neighboring businesses
  when lining up for tickets.

- Please do not park across from Potomac Street Creamery. There is a big sign there stating parking only for their customers. Please respect this.

- While we understand readers' enthusiasm to get cherished copies of an author's older books signed, we regret it's no longer possible to allow people to bring books from home or other bookstores.
- E-readers are considered books from home, so please don't ask to have your case or device signed.

- Nora does not sign audios, DVDs or other items. All books bought in the store during the event can be personalized. Nora Store products such as tote bags will be signed only.

- Books purchased through the VIRTUAL BOOK SIGNING will be sent out soon after the event.