JUST IN TIME by Marie Bostwick

JUST IN TIME by Marie Bostwick

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    JUST IN TIME by Marie Bostwick
    Selection for Wednesday December 11 and Thursday December  19,2019

    March 27, 2018 Trade size paperback

    Fifteen years ago, Grace Saunders vowed to take her beloved husband for better or worse. Now she's coming to terms with difficult choices as she crafts a memory quilt from scraps of their life together a life torn to shreds by an accident that has left him in a coma. Enduring months of limbo, Grace is at least not alone. 
    Nan has been widowed for twenty years, but now, with her children grown, her home feels painfully empty. Even the company of her golden retriever, Blixen, and a series of other rescue dogs, can't fill the void. Then there's Monica, a feisty woman with a biting wit whos reeling following her husband's death and the revelation of his infidelity.
    As for Grace, a chance evening with a man she barely knows brings a glimmer of joy she hasn't felt since the tragedy along with feelings of turmoil and guilt. But her struggle to cope will force all three women to face their fears, share their deepest secrets and lean on one another as they move from grief and isolation to hope, and a second chance at happiness.

    336 pages ISBN: 9781496709233