MURDER AT THE MANSION by Sheila Connolly

MURDER AT THE MANSION by Sheila Connolly

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    MURDER AT THE MANSION by Sheila Connolly
    Selection for Wednesday, August 14 and Thursday, August 15, 2019

    May 28,2019 Massmarket paperback | Victorian Village Mysteries #1

    Welcome to Asheboro, Maryland, where the homes are to die for. . .

    Katherine Hamilton never wanted to return to her dead-end hometown. But when she is called in to help save Asheboro from going bankrupt, Kate can’t refuse. The town has issued its last available funds to buy a local Victorian mansion. It’s a plan that Kate would be happy to help get off the ground. . .if only she didn’t have such bad memories associated with that mansion. Is Kate ready to do business―or is this job too personal for her own good?

    Then, one day while touring the property, Kate stumbles over a dead body. Impossibly, the victim is none other than Kate’s high-school nemesis Cordelia Walker. Soon Kate is immersed in a murder investigation and with the history of the old Victorian. What secrets are hidden within its walls―and can the truth be discovered before the killer comes for Kate herself?

    336 pages ISBN: 9781250212788