JUST HIS LUCK by B. J. Daniels

JUST HIS LUCK by B. J. Daniels

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    JUST HIS LUCK by B. J. Daniels
    August 27, 2019 massmarket paperback

    He thought the past was finally behind him

    Shade Sterling has carried a torch for Lizzy Conners since senior year of high school. But the timing never felt right for them, especially since his ex-girlfriend, Ariel, disappeared without a trace years ago. Now, with their ten-year class reunion approaching, Shade is tired of waiting. Determined to move on with his life and take a chance with Lizzy, he’s all in until a car is dredged up from a local pond and Ariel’s remains are found inside.
    As the newly appointed sheriff, Lizzy must investigate every single lead—including the ones that point right to Shade. She knows she can’t let her heart get in the way of an investigation, but she can’t accept that Shade is guilty. Now if she can only prove it both to the town out for justice and to herself.

    384 pages ISBN: 9781335016812