HIGH VOLTAGE by A. B. Gibson

HIGH VOLTAGE by A. B. Gibson

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    HIGH VOLTAGE by A. B. Gibson
    November 16, 2018 trade size paperback

    He had a couple of weeks to kill.When Strider, an unassuming hiker fresh off the Appalachian Trail, needs extra cash, a curio shop owner suggests Winter's Farm, a popular stop for hikers looking for day work. What seems like a lucky break turns into a series of horrors as one by one his fellow hikers disappear, including his fiancee.A cast of colorful characters complicates his quest to find her, and after stumbling on the dark truth his search turns to a desperate escape from the farm's kooky owner.But a foreboding electric fence stymies his chance of freedom, in High Voltage, A.B Gibson's most thrilling novel yet.

    220 pages ISBN: 9781732341180