IRISH PRIDE ( MARCH 9 ON SALE) by Nora Roberts

IRISH PRIDE ( MARCH 9 ON SALE) by Nora Roberts

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    IRISH PRIDE ( MARCH 9 ON SALE) by Nora Roberts
    March 9, 2021 A 2-in-1 Collection Mass market paperback

    Irish Thoroughbred 1981

    With no immediate family or place to call home, Adelia Cunnane's life in Ireland has come to an end. Her future lies in America, where an uncle guarantees her a job working beside him on a horse farm in Maryland. Caring for horses comes naturally for Dee, who has always had an affinity for animals a talent her employer Travis Grant recognizes. He also recognizes a fiery passion simmering within her soul. But even as Dee gives in to her own desires, she finds herself falling in love with a man who keeps a tight rein on his heart.

    Sullivan's Woman 1984

    Despite possessing a look envied and desired by everyone she meets, Cassidy St. John's modeling career has stalled. So when famous painter Colin Sullivan wants her as the model for what he believes will be his visionary masterpiece, she knows this isn't just a job but a chance to be immortalized. And as Colin strives to capture Cassidy's allure, both artist and subject realize their growing attraction for one another cannot be contained on a canvas.

    320 pages  ISBN: 9781250783738