UNDER A FIREFLY MOON by Donna Kauffman

UNDER A FIREFLY MOON by Donna Kauffman

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    UNDER A FIREFLY MOON by Donna Kauffman
    January 28, 2020 massmarket paperback  | Firefly Lake #1

    Blue Hollow Falls may be a small Blue Ridge Mountain town, but its big on love and second chances . . .
    When former barrel racer Cheyenne McCafferty left the circuit, she left her past behind too. Now, as part owner of Lavender Blue farm, she's content rescuing and rehabbing horses, and growing a new business. She's only got one regret: letting go of Wyatt Reed. When he professed his love, she was too young and foolish to know her heart. After that he disappeared. But when his beloved horse turns up on the auction block, Chey makes a bid and wins more than she bargained for . . .
    Chey believed she was ready to face Wyatt again, to explain herself. But seeing the man he's become, shes unsure. Gone is the quiet, gentle boy she knew. In his place is a rugged, confident adventurer whos seen the world. Yet the longer Wyatt sticks around, the clearer it is that the feelings of their youth aren't so easily dismissed now that they're adults. In fact, the timing may be just right to make the dreams they've shared under a firefly moon come true . . .
    320 pages  ISBN: 9781420149333