SUMMER COVE by Nora Roberts

SUMMER COVE by Nora Roberts

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    SUMMER COVE by Nora Roberts
    June 25, 2019 Trade size paperback | Silhouette reissue 2 in 1

    IMPULSE 1989
    For once in her life, Rebecca Malone is following her heart. After quitting her job and selling all her belongings, she heads to Greece in search of adventure. So when a sexy local restaurant owner pursues her, she can't resist playing the role of sophisticated, well-traveled woman. But falling in love with Stephen Nickodemus was not part of the plan! Now she'll have to find a way to break the news of her true identity without also breaking his heart.

    TV producer Johanna Patterson knows that the entertainment industry isn't kind to romance especially for an actor like Sam Weaver. His good looks might have propelled him to movie stardom, but Johanna can be won over by a pretty face she's seen enough broken marriages to last her a lifetime. Unfortunately, Sam has an uncanny way of making her lose her self-control with his easy confidence and laid-back charm. And the mind-blowing kisses help, too.

    336 pages ISBN: 9781335666451