TIME & AGAIN (DEC 30 ON SALE) by Nora Roberts

TIME & AGAIN (DEC 30 ON SALE) by Nora Roberts

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    TIME & AGAIN (DEC 30 ON SALE) by Nora Roberts
    December 30, 2019 Mass Market Paperback  | 2 in 1 Silhouette reissue

    Time Was 1989

    Stranded in the present, Caleb Hornblower's biggest problem isn't returning to the twenty-third century--it's that he can't remember he's a time traveller. When anthropologist Liberty Stone finds Caleb near her secluded cabin in the Klamath mountains, she resolves to help him. Though Caleb belongs in the future, he can't leave the past, and Liberty, behind. Will their love prove more powerful than time itself?

    Times Change 1990

    Astrophysicist and time traveller Jacob Hornblower has followed his brother, Caleb, back in time to rescue him. However, his mission is soon forgotten when he finds himself captivated by Liberty's spitfire sister, Sunny. But Jacob doesn't believe in love--nor does he truly understand the unbounded heart. Time might change a man, but can Sunny convince Jacob that love is forever?
    608 pages  ISBN: 9781335832214