NOT WITHOUT YOU by Nora Roberts

NOT WITHOUT YOU by Nora Roberts

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    NOT WITHOUT YOU by Nora Roberts
    October 29, 2013 massmarket 2 in one Silhouette reissue.

    Secret Star 1998 From The Stars of Mithra series
    Lieutenant Seth Buchanan finds his homicide investigation and his heart thrown into turmoil when murder victim Grace Fontaine turns up very much alive. The cool, controlled cop never lets his feelings get in the way of his job, and everything he knows about the notorious heiress tells him she's bad news. But in her irresistible presence, Seth finds it hard to remember there's any mystery more important to solve than that of Grace herself.
    The Law Is a Lady 1984
    Once Phillip Kincaid fixes his mind on something, he sets about getting it. When he's pulled over for speeding in Friendly, New Mexico, he knows the town is the perfect locale for his next film. And no-nonsense sheriff Victoria Ashton looks pretty perfect to him, too! But Tori's all business. With no interest in romance, she's giving Phillip a run for his money making him all the more determined to show her that even a lady of the law can surrender willingly. . .to love

    480 pages ISBN: 978037328173