ONCE AGAIN by Nora Roberts

ONCE AGAIN by Nora Roberts

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    ONCE AGAIN by Nora Roberts
    February 27,2018 massmarket paperback Silhouette reissue 2 in one

    Sullivan's Woman 1984

    When struggling model Cassidy St. John is fired from yet another job, she hardly expected the solution to her problems to come from a complete stranger. He loomed out of the fog like some mythic figure, but Cassidy soon discovers Colin Sullivan is flesh and blood and all man. When Colin offers her a job modeling for one of his paintings, it seems her troubles are over but one look at his blue eyes and Cassidy finds they are only beginning.

    Less of a Stranger 1984

    Megan Miller's grandfather is the only family she has left. So when Pops asks her for help running his amusement park, she doesn't think twice about putting her own artistic ambitions on hold. When confident and colossally arrogant David Katcherton sweeps in trying to buy the park, Megan fights back. Yet Katch knows all the right and wrong buttons to push with Megan. As Katch challenges her to fulfill her dreams, he also arouses passions she never knew before.

    384 pages ISBN: 9780373282487