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    PATRIOT'S ABOUND by John Bede
    July 11, 2014 trade size paperback

    The war in Vietnam stemmed from the war in Korea (1950-1953). The United States gave military and political support to the French, who were fighting the Communist-led forces called Viet Minh and the NLF (National Liberation Front), which was being supported by the Soviet Union and Communist China. The French paratroopers, a.k.a. the French Foreign Legion, were taking a terrible beating from the enemy and sued for peace. Out of this debacle was established the Geneva Accords, in 1953, which ended the fighting for the time being. The political and military assistance the United States sent to the newly formed ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) was small at first but then grew into an Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Coast Guard Operation, costing the United States billions of dollars before the Paris Peace Talks ended it all on October 8, 1972. The CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) operated an airline in Southeast Asia called Air America. The pilots who were good fliers became excellent fliers, getting small and large cargo and passenger planes into and out of dangerous airstrips carved out of the hills and jungles. These pilots did not consider themselves daredevils or adrenalin junkies. They loved flying so much (plus the pay was good) they would hardly ever refuse a mission. These guys and gals harked back to the days of the flying tigers and the pilots who flew the hump. From this bunch of derring-do pilots, crewmen, airstrip operators, and communications experts was born a great cadre of patriotic personnel that today is the core of the clandestine services. Most of these operatives have military backgrounds and are retired from the military.

    260 pages ISBN: 9781499042634