PRIDE & PASSION by Nora Roberts

PRIDE & PASSION by Nora Roberts

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    PRIDE & PASSION by Nora Roberts
    November 6, 2018 trade size paperback two classic titles in one volume.

    Search for Love 1982

    After the loss of her parents, Serenity Smith receives an unexpected letter from a relative shes never met. When she travels all the way from Washington, D.C. to the familys estate in the Brittany region of France, shes greeted with cold politeness by the Comtesse de Kergallen her grandmother and the charming, insufferable Christophe. As she learns of the wild grievances they hold against her parents, Serenity is determined to prove the accusations false. Getting the enigmatic Christophe to change his mind about her proves to be a challenge as tempers fly. But they can only fight their growing feelings for so long.

    Irish Thoroughbred 1981

    Theres nothing left for Adelia Cunnane in Ireland. The aunt she cared for has passed, and the family farm has been sold for taxes. But her uncle Paddy has written her: Come to America.

    Dee has always had a magical touch with animals, and she finds employment with her uncle on the Maryland horse farm owned by Travis Grant. Its a joy to ride Traviss chestnut thoroughbred and to spend her first paycheck on luxuries she never had. But Dee is disconcerted by the way her boss treats her and the way she responds. America may be the land of opportunity, a place where even those from the humblest background can pursue what they want and, perhaps, even find themselves one day attending the Kentucky Derby. But some divides may be too wide to cross, and Dee fears that demanding more could cost her all that shes already gained.

    400 pages ISBN:9781250184870