ALWAYS MY GIRL by Samantha Chase

ALWAYS MY GIRL by Samantha Chase

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    ALWAYS MY GIRL by Samantha Chase
    July 5,2016 Massmarket paperback. | Shaughnessy Brothers #3

    Quinn Shaughnessy's two older brothers have found their true loves ... but Quinn's not about to join that parade. Nope, as he tells his best friend Anna, there's a lot more to life than getting tied down to one person. He's positive tomboy Anna will be on his side - except she's inexplicably developing other interests - even dating! Suddenly Quinn is seeing Anna in a very different light.

    Quinn has been Anna's buddy since they were both five years old. She can tell him anything - except the one big secret she's been hiding for years - that she's fallen in love with him. Now Anna is determined to make a life for herself that doesn't include pining for Quinn. Falling in love with your best friend? Easy. Telling them how you really feel? Impossible.

    352 pages ISBN: 9781492616283