TIME & AGAIN trade by Nora Roberts

TIME & AGAIN trade by Nora Roberts

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    TIME & AGAIN trade by Nora Roberts
    3/27/2012 Trade size reissue includes TIME WAS 1989 and TIMES CHANGE also from 1989.
    Time Was
    Stranded in the present, time traveler Caleb Hornblower's biggest problem wasn't returning to the twenty-third century -- it was falling in love with the beguiling Liberty Stone, who showed him a love more powerful than time itself. Though he belonged in the future, how could he leave the past -- and Liberty -- behind?

    Times Change
    Cynical Jacob Hornblower had followed his brother Caleb into the past, hoping to lure him back home. But his mission was soon forgotten when he found himself captivated by Liberty's spitfire sister, Sunny. Can a man who is down on love understand the truly timeless power of the human heart?

    464 pages ISBN: 9780373281572