RIGHT ALL ALONG by Heather Heyford

RIGHT ALL ALONG by Heather Heyford

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    RIGHT ALL ALONG by Heather Heyford
    September 25,2018 massmarket paperback | A Willamette Valley Romance #3

    These star-crossed lovers could be the perfect pairing!
    From the time they were in grade school, graphic designer Harley Miller-Jones believed that Jack Friestatt was her destiny until she was blindsided by Jack's sudden engagement to another, right after high school graduation. Ten years have passed. Now Harley's back in Ribbon Ridge, successful beyond expectation, intent on buying a bed and breakfast an independent woman ready for the next chapter in her life.  
    Jack Friestatt has his hands full managing his winery, precocious twin daughters, and an iron-handed family matriarch. But behind the gentleman farmer's handsome exterior beats an empty heart. Life has taught Jack some tough lessons and now the lonely widower is ready for a new life partner. But has he learned enough to win back the woman whose world he once turned upside down?

    352 pages ISBN: 9781516102587