STOLEN REMAINS by Christina Trent

STOLEN REMAINS by Christina Trent

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    STOLEN REMAINS by Christina Trent
    3/31/2014 trade size paperback | A Lady of Ashes Mystery 2

    Set in 1869, Trentís solid sequel to 2013ís Lady of Ashes takes undertaker Violet Harper from her new American home back to England. Anthony Fairmont, Lord Raybourn, apparently commits suicide just hours after returning from a journey to Egypt. Raybournís role in the multinational negotiations surrounding the Suez Canal makes his mysterious demise a sensitive matter. Queen Victoria, who remembers how helpful Violet was at Prince Albertís funeral, commands the undertaker to see to the dead peerís body and discreetly glean what information she can. As if preserving the corpse until the facts are clear isnít challenge enough, Violet discovers that Raybournís family is a nest of animosity and intrigue. When Raybournís housekeeper and secret fiancťe, Harriet Peet, is found hanged and his own body disappears, Violet must unravel a complex puzzle with serious implications for the British Crown. The mysteryís resolution feels somewhat forced, but Violet remains an engaging guide with an unusual perspective on Victorian society.

    304 pages ISBN-13: 9780758293244