TAKEN BY TUESDAY by Catherine Bybee

TAKEN BY TUESDAY by Catherine Bybee

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    TAKEN BY TUESDAY by Catherine Bybee
    August 12, 2014 trade size paperback | Weekday Brides #5

    Judy Gardner: College graduate Judy stands ready to conquer the world if she can get a job. Hoping to transition from aspiring architect to famous architect as quickly as possible, the dark-haired beauty moves to LA, staying in the home of her celebrity brother, Michael Wolfe. But it s hard for Judy to focus on work when the sexy bodyguard she fell for last summer keeps showing up in her life and leaving her breathless. Rick Evans: With his hard body, green eyes, and easy smile, Rick could have any woman he wants. But the Marine-turned- bodyguard only has eyes for Judy and her spitfire attitude. When a faceless villain attacks Judy, Rick will stop at nothing to protect the woman who opened his heart from the monster hunting her.

    297 pages ISBN-13: 9781477823774