TELL THE WOLVES I'M HOME by Carol Rifka Brunt

TELL THE WOLVES I'M HOME by Carol Rifka Brunt

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    TELL THE WOLVES I'M HOME by Carol Rifka Brunt
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    June 04, 2013 trade size paperback

    Carol Rifka Brunt has made a singular portrait of the late-80s AIDS epidemics transformation of a girl and her family. But beyond that, she tells a universal story of how love chooses us, and how flashes of our beloved live through us even after theyre gone. Before her Uncle Finn died of an illness people dont want to talk about, 14-year-old June Elbus thought she was the center of his world. A famous and reclusive painter, Finn made her feel uniquely understood, privy to secret knowledge like how to really hear Mozarts Requiem or see the shape of negative space. When hes gone, she discovers he had a bigger secret: his longtime partner Toby, the only other person who misses him as much as she does. Her clandestine friendship with Tobywho her parents blame for Finns illnesssharpens tensions with her sister, Greta, until their bond seems to exist only in the portrait Finn painted of them. With wry compassion, Brunt portrays the bitter lengths to which we will go to hide our soft underbellies, and how summoning the courage to be vulnerable is the only way to see through to each others hungry, golden souls.

    372 pages ISBN-13: 9780812982855