THE VISITORS by Sally Beauman

THE VISITORS by Sally Beauman

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    THE VISITORS by Sally Beauman
    Selection for Thursday October 15 ,2015

    July 7,2015 trade size paperback

    In 1922, when eleven year-old Lucy is sent to Egypt to recuperate from typhoid, she meets Frances, the daughter of an American archaeologist. The friendship draws the impressionable young girl into the thrilling world of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter, who are searching for the tomb of boy pharaoh Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings.

    A haunting tale of love and loss, The Visitors retells the legendary story of Carter and Carnarvons hunt and their historical discovery, witnessed through the eyes of a vulnerable child whose fate becomes entangled in their dramatic quest. As events unfold, Lucy will discover the lengths some people will go to fulfill their deepest desiresand the lies that become the foundation of their lives.

    Intensely atmospheric, The Visitors recalls the decadence of Egypts aristocratic colonial society, and illuminates the obsessive, daring men willing to risk everythingeven their sanityto claim a piece of the ancient past. As fascinating today as it was nearly a century ago, the search for King Tuts tomb is made vivid and immediate in Sally Beaumans skilled hands. A dazzling feat of imagination, The Visitors is a majestic work of historical fiction.

    544 pages ISBN-13: 9780062302700