TONIGHT & ALWAYS trade by Nora Roberts

TONIGHT & ALWAYS trade by Nora Roberts

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    TONIGHT & ALWAYS trade by Nora Roberts
    August 05, 2014 trade size paperback previously release in FROM THE HEART

    For a change of pace, renowned anthropologist Kasey Wyatt takes a job working for bestselling author Jordan Taylor, who needs helps researching his latest novel about the Plains Indians.
    Upon arriving at Jordanís impressive Palm Springs estate, Kasey finds all the trappings of a family, but none of the warmth. Jordanís forbidding mother is immediately suspicious of her, while Jordanís shy and serious orphaned niece represses her curiosity. Jordan himself is an expert at hiding his emotions behind an aristocratic facade.
    Hardly the quiet and bookish woman they were all expecting, Kasey infuses their lives with light and laughter. And suddenly Jordan finds himself drawn to a woman unlike any he has ever desired, one who is able to transform his day-to-day existence into a life worth livingÖ
    Includes a preview of Nora Robertsí novel Shadow Spell

    304 pages ISBN:9780425276792