WHEN WE MEET by Nora Roberts

WHEN WE MEET by Nora Roberts

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    WHEN WE MEET by Nora Roberts
    December 26,2017 massmarket paperback Silhouette 2 in 1 reissue

    The Law Is a Lady 1984

    Once Phillip Kincaid fixes his mind on something, he sets about getting it. When he's arrested for speeding in Friendly, New Mexico, he knows the town is the perfect location for his new film. The brusque sheriff, Tory Ashton, has no qualms about throwing the arrogant film director behind bars. Tory is giving Phillip a run for his money making him all the more determined to show her that even a lady of the law can surrender willingly to love.

    Opposites Attract 1984

    Tennis professionals Asher Wolfe and Ty Starbuck couldn't be more different. Ty is a man known for his devastating good looks and volatile passions. Asher is infamous for her beauty and icy control. Together they had set the tennis world ablaze. Now, meeting again after years apart, Asher realizes that she still loves Ty deeply. But she knows if she reveals her secret, she could lose everything all over again.

    448 pages ISBN: 9780373282494